Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Oppression against sit-in protesters in Henoko ~ numerous protestors injured by riot police, arrests made

Two people were taken to the emergency room from the gate of Camp Schwab on June 2. A 64-year-old woman of Tokyo’s Tachikawa City suffered from skull fractures and other injuries inflicted by riot police. She requires at least one week of hospitalization. I know her, and when I escorted her in the ambulance, the ride to the hospital felt eternal. The riot police continue to make arrests every day. If we had more than 200 people at the gate, we could stop such violence by the riot police.   (By OHATA Yutaka)
 According to The Okinawa Times, about 130 trucks were confirmed at the construction site. It was the first time that over 100 vehicles were sighted. The anti-erosion construction continued from 8:30 a.m. to around 5 p.m., along the coast of Camp Schwab and cranes dropped gravel into the sea to extend the bank offshore.


62日、今日一日でシュワブゲート前から救急搬送が2人。うち一人の64歳の女性(東京都立川市在住)は、機動隊員により頭蓋骨骨折等の重症。短くても1週間の入院。女性は私の知人で救急車に同乗しました。病院までの時間が永遠の時間のようでした。連日、機動隊による逮捕も続出しています。毎日ゲート前200人集まれば、このような機動隊による暴走は止められます。 (大畑豊)
*写真 =重症を負った女性

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