Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Struggle of S. Korea Sanken Union nearing victory

The struggle to reinstate Sanken workers in South Korea is nearing a resolution more than a year after it broke out. The Central Labor Relations Commission in South Korea on April 28 recognized the dismissal as unfair, and the situation began a drastic change forward. Some 18 union members agreed to early retirement upon request from the company due to their family situations, but they still won an unprecedented sum of monetary compensation. The other union members who continued to fight the struggle received reinstatement orders. Sixteen workers who returned to their workplace on May 12 have not been provided any work in a situation similar to “drive-away room” where management tries to drive workers away to resignation by bullying. The union continues to bargain with the company as it has agreed to file an apology, pay compensation and resume the production division. The union plans a series of urgent actions starting May 22 to aim at the shareholders’ meeting scheduled at the end of the month. On May 21, union members staged an action at JR Tanashi Station in Tokyo near the Sanken president’s residence (see photo). “We were able to come this far thanks to your support,” one of the union leaders, KIM Eunhyong, said with a smile. “We will definitely win!” (By M)

大詰めにきた韓国サンケン労組のたたかい~5/22から 緊急集中行動

18名の組合員 は家庭の事情などで、やむなく会社の希望退職に応じたが「破格の金
額」を獲得した。また残った組合員には「復職命令」が出た。5 12日から16名が職
場に戻ったものの「追い出し部屋」で仕事が 与えられていない。また「謝罪・補償
あり、韓 国サンケン労組は22日から連続「特別緊急行動」を行い、一気に 会社に全
面解決を迫る方針だ。21日には社長宅のある東京・田無 駅頭で情宣活動を行なった
(写真)。リーダーのキムウニョンさ んは「みなさんのおかげでここまで来た。必
ず勝つ!」と満面に 笑みを浮かべた。(M) 

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