Tuesday, June 27, 2017

We can no longer stand further destruction of our society! ~ 18,000 surround the Diet building against Henoko, Conspiracy Bill

YASUDA Koichi, a journalist who is covering Okinawa, emphasized in his speech: “In Henoko and Takae, police are suppressing protesters as they want under the current law. We must not give them any more ammunition called, Conspiracy Act. We have the right to resist up to the last minute. How can we stand further destruction of our society!” On June 10, 18,000 surrounded the Diet Building to “Stop the Landfill in Henoko! Scrap the Conspiracy Bill!” The surroundings of the Diet Building were filled with hot fury. From the ground of Okinawa, INAMINE Susumu, the mayor of Nago City, and ASHITOMI Hiroshi, co-chairperson of the Okinawa Helipad opposition council, joined the protest and strongly called out to the demonstrators, "We will continue the non-violent resistance without ever giving up." Participants held signs that showed their disgust against the viciousness of Abe administration. Some raised senryu satirial poetry that read, “(Abe) thinks all his lies are not enough, (he) adds insolent mouth.” Many voluntary members of Sokagakkai also joined the demonstration. Sokagakkai, whose members are major supporters of the Komeito, the junior coalition party of the Abe agovernment, has its history of being suppressed by the Maintenance of Public Order Act of the war era. When asked, a woman holding three-color flag of their religious organization answered, “Many members are suffering.” (By M)

沖縄を取材しているジャーナリスト安田浩一さんが 語気を強めた。「辺野古・高江では、現行法でも警察はやりたい 放題の弾圧をしている。そのうえ、共謀罪という武器を与えては ならない。私たちにはギリギリの抵抗をする権利がある。これ以 上、社会を壊されてたまるか!」。6月10日の「止めよう!辺野古 埋立て 共謀罪法案は廃案に!国会大包囲」には18000人が集ま り、国会周辺は怒りの熱気に包まれた。沖縄現地からは、稲嶺進名 護市長や安次富浩氏らが参加し、「非暴力であきらめずに抵抗を 続ける」と力強く語った。参加者のプラカードをみると、安倍政権 のひどさに呆れかえる言葉ばかり。レイバーネットの川柳デモでは 「嘘八百まだ足りないと減らず口」の句もあった。また創価学会 員の有志が多数参加していた。治安維持法で弾圧された歴史のあ る創価学会。三色旗を手にした女性に聞くと「悩んでいる人は多 い」という。(M)

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