Wednesday, June 7, 2017

A moving company settles out of court in a lawsuit demanding invalidation of unfair transfer

 A Hikkoshisha Co subsidiary, Hikkoshisha Kanto, on May 24 settled out of Tokyo District Court in a lawsuit demanding invalidation of unfair transfer of NISHIMURA Ari (not his real name), 35, and compensation. While the company acknowledged that the transfer lacked “corporate equivalency” and filed an apology, it also agree to reinstate Nishimura to the sales division, where he used to work, as well as paying compensation. Nishimura was required to pay 480,000 yen compensation for getting into a car accident in January 2015. As he questioned the company’s demand, he joined Precariat Union and started negotiate with the company. In June, he was transferred to shred confidential documents all day, which halved his salary. Later, he was subjected to disciplinary dismissal, when the company posted a “Letter of Crime” that stated reasons of dismissal with his picture at all of its subsidiaries. The letter was posted also in the in-house magazine. (By TSUCHIYA Tokachi) 



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