Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Union can change deteriorating workplace ~ Japan Post workers confess on Labornet TV

 “Were you able to tell all?” Asked after the program was aired, YOSHIHARA Shinji appeared content and said, “I did 100%.” The postal worker spoke on the internet TV of his experience of being bullied at the workplace and diagnosed with adjustment disorder, which cornered him into suicidal thoughts.
 Another worker, KANEKO Takanobu, who was on a casual contract also testified on Labornet TV how remorseful he felt when he was terminated with a single phone call. KURAHAYASHI Hiroshi of Japan Postal Workers’ Union talked about a podium at Shin-toshin Post Office, which caused karoshi suicide. Workers are forced to stand on this podium for making professional errors and to state regrets in front of some 300 colleagues. They are also target of verbal abuse. Workers so fearful of having to stand on this podium start crying, they say. Ten years have passed since the postal service was privatized, but deterioration of the workplace, which was caused by profit pursuit, was so serious beyond imagination. “The union saved me,” Yoshihara said. “It’s the management that is heavily responsible, not ourselves. Don’t endure it. Talk to the union.” (By Labornet TV project)

荒廃した職場を変えるのはユニオン~レイバーネットTVで 「日本郵政特集」
「思いのたけを言えましたか?」、放送終了後の質 問に「100%言えました」と満足
られた思いを、524日の「レイバーネットTV」で赤裸々に語った。非正規 の金子孝
死」を起こしたさいたま新都心郵便局 の「お立ち台」について言及した。仕事のミ
スがあると、300人の 職員の前で「お立ち台」に立たされ反省を迫られ、罵倒され
る。 「お立ち台」に上がるときは震えて、途中で泣き出す人もいるという。民営化
10年で「利潤追求」にひた走る日本郵政の荒廃した職 場実態は想像以上だった。
「私は郵政ユニオンに救われた。悪い のは管理職で自己責任ではない。泣き寝入り
はやめ組合に相談し よう」と吉原さんは強く訴えた。(レイバーネットTVプロジェ

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