Saturday, August 5, 2017

Don’t sell my overtime work hours! ~ Workers protest against Rengo

Workers raised their voices on July 19 in front of Rengo headquarters in protest against the nation’s largest labor confederation’s decision on whether to approve the “zero overtime pay bill.” The action was led by a 33-year-old, non-union man. “’Don’t sell my overtime hours without my approval!’ This is the angry voices of all the workers,” he said. “The Rengo executives should stop misappropriation of the union, annul its decision and return to what a union should be. I came here to show support in bringing Rengo back on its feet.” The protesters grew to 120, most of whom acted on his/her own.
 “This is the first time I came to Rengo office, and I am surprised how elaborate the building is,” another one spoke. “Stop looking up (to the people in control) but start listening to the voices of the workers.” Yet another worker said, “I want Rengo to do the right thing as a labor union.”
 Rengo’s controversial decision was initiated by some leadership without any internal discussion. Names of Rengo’s General Secretary OHMI Naoto and MURAKAMI Yoko, chief of department of working conditions, appeared on a banner in the protest. (By M)

7月19日、連合本部前で「残業代ゼロ容認」に抗議 の声が上がった。呼びかけたのは労組メンバーではなく、33歳の 働く個人男性だった。「私の残業を勝手に売るな!というのが、み んなの怒りの声。連合執行部は私物化をやめ、決定を取り消して 本来の労働組合に戻ってほしい。連合はしっかりしてほしい。そ の後押しのつもりで来た」と訴えた。参加者は徐々に増えて120人 になった。みんな個人での参加だ。フリーマイクでは「初めて連合 に来たが建物が立派で驚いた。上ばかりみないで現場の労働者の 声を聞いてほしい」「労働組合としての本分を果たしてほしい」 など切実なアピールが続いた。今回の「残業代ゼロ法案」容認 は、執行部の一部メンバーの主導でクーデター的に行われた。こ の日の横断幕でも執行部の「逢見直人事務局長」と「村上陽子総 合労働局長」が名指しで批判されていた。(M)

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