Saturday, August 5, 2017

Revolutionary verdict on ‘exclusion of Korean schools,’ ‘missile launch’

 The Osaka District Court on July 28 ruled that the government’s decision to exclude Korean schools from free tuition act is illegal. The same night, North Korea launched a ballistic missile, which dominated news reports the next day. How are we to understand the two events that happened on the same day? The Osaka court said in its ruling, “Education Minister SHIMOMURA Hakubun is seen to delete the provision out of the “free high school tuition” act in order to exclude Korean schools based on diplomatic and political views that granting Korean schools free tuition would not be accepted by the Japanese citizens as it would interfere with attempts to resolve North Korean abductee issues, which is unrelated to equality in education at a high-school level. Therefore, the court interprets deleting the provision as illegal and invalid.” 
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