Tuesday, August 22, 2017

We will never give up!~Action against Mizuno in solidarity with dismissed Indonesian workers

 It's been five years since 1300 women workers at PDK, an Indonesian manufacturer of Mizuno brand sports shoes, were dismissed in July, 2012 for organizing a labor union and going on strike.  On July 12, 2012, 2000 workers went on a 5-day strike demanding better working conditions and reinstatement of the union president who had been unfairly dismissed. 1300 workers were dismissed on July 18 out of which 346 have been continuing their struggle against PDK as members of the PDK union while working for other suppliers of international brands.
 In response to the call from GSBI, the superior body of the PDK union, for solidarity actions with their campaign to mark the fifth anniversary of the struggle, some citizens of  Japan visited the Indonesian Embassy and the main office of Mizuno in Tokyo on July 19 to hand in letters demanding for an early fair solution co-signed by 6 organizations and 32 individuals. At the Mizuno HQs, two managers received the letter outside the office building to whom the PDK union supporters explained recent situations of dismissed workers and the contents of the ILO recommendation of November 2016 that requested the Indonesian government to investigate the case.
 On July 20, Mizuno reiterated their former stance in their reply to the open letter from the Clean Clothes Campaign and stated that they were not in a position to comment on the ILO recommendation. CCC's open letter, dated July 18, questioned the earlier investigation into the case by Mizuno that concluded PDK had not violated the Indonesian labor law.
 (TONO Haruhi, Yokohama Action Research)
Photo: Solidarity action in front of Mizuno HQ 



 ミズノのみなさん、私たちはあきらめません!(遠野はるひ 横浜アクションリサーチ)

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