Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Yasukuni Candlelight Action 2017~a growing risk of war with North Korea must be solved through dialogue at any cost!

“The 12th Candle Action~Let’s Light Candles of Peace! To the Darkness of Yasukuni” was held at the hall at YMCA Asia Youth Center in Tokyo on Aug. 12. Although the symposium was on “150 years since the Meiji Restoration, re-evaluating Yasukuni Shrine from the east Asian perspective,” it highlighted many war-related remarks under the mounting international tension.
 “The risk of war is growing,” Tokyo University Philosophy Professor TAKAHASHI Tetsuya said. “If a war broke out, it would cause severe damage to both Koreas. The Abe administration quickly expressed the support to the US and followed in its footsteps.  The Air Self-Defense Force F-2 fighters are conducting joint drills with American B-1 bombers. Such a joint military exercise is nothing less than “a threat by military force,” which is forbidden by the Constitution. We cannot afford to just watch the crisis develop in silence. Let’s raise firm voices against the war!”  After the candle demonstration, Suh Sung, a co-representative of the Candlelight Action, also made a strong appeal by saying, “The root of this problem lies in the history closely related to Japan’s military aggression in Asia and issues surrounding Yasukuni Shrine. We need to appeal with utmost effort to all parties concerned to oppose this imminent war and solve it through dialogue at any cost.” (By M) 


812日、第12回「平和の灯を!ヤスクニの闇へ キャンドル行動」が東京・YMCAホー
ルで開催された。今回のテー マは「東アジアの視点から『明治維新150年』とヤスク
ニを問い直 す」だったが、緊迫した国際情勢の中、戦争をめぐる発言が目立っ た。
に甚大な被害が起きる。安倍はいち早くア メリカに賛同・追随し、米B1爆撃機と空
座視する わけにはいかない。戦端を開くことに断固反対の声を上げよう」 と呼びか
けた。キャンドル行動共同代表のソスンさんもデモ終了 集会で「問題の根底には、
日本のアジア侵略戦争とヤスクニ神 社につながる歴史が存在している。当面の戦争
に反対し何があっ ても対話で問題解決することを、各方面に全力で訴える必要があ

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