Sunday, November 5, 2017

8,000 Supporters Rally for the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan (CDP) at Shinjuku Station

On October 21st, the final day of this year’s lower house election, 8,000 people packed the south exit of Shinjuku station for a campaign rally hosted by the newly formed Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan (CDP). Within a month after Prime Minister SHINZO Abe called for a snap election, Kibo no To (Party of Hope) was founded and the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) split. Opposition parties in favor of protecting the constitution were inevitably faced with confusion—however, EDANO Yukio decided to create the CDP shortly thereafter. As a result, DPJ members, who once leaned towards joining the Party of Hope, banded together with the CDP, making possible a nationwide campaign that unifies the opposition and its supporters under one candidate in each district. “As someone who opposes the security reforms and has called on the people to fight against them, there’s no way I could have joined the Party of Hope,” said FUKUYAMA Tetsuro, a member of the upper house who became secretary-general of the CDP. “The reason I am here is because of all the people who have backed me up,” EDANO Yukio, head of CDP, said firmly. “Let’s make tomorrow our starting point and fight together.” The much anticipated election day is October 22nd.YUMOTO Masanori



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