Tuesday, November 21, 2017

LaborNet TV on November 8, 2017: What is “ride-share”?

The topic of LaborNet TV on November 8 was an issue of “ride-share”. The suspect of the truck attack on October 31 in New York was an Uber driver. “Ride-share” has been widespread in the United States with employment being destroyed. Uber Inc. deploys its business all around the world by providing its applications to ordinary drivers. This has been prohibited as an unlicensed taxi in Japan, but the Japanese Government tries to lift the prohibition to make “ride-share” available in a national strategic special zone. On November 8, the LaborNet TV Project invited KAWAKAMI Yoshihito, a lawyer familiar with this issue, and SUZUKI Kento, an UberEATS driver to probe into the “ride-share” issue. Another topic, “What was the Trump fuss?” was picked up in the program. (LaborNet TV Project)

11/8レイバーネットTV: 雇用破壊「ライドシェア」がよくわかる番組に


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