Sunday, November 5, 2017

Temporary Workers Call for a Stable Work Life Over Breaking the “Glass Ceiling” in Lower House Election


A close race between KAIEDA Banri—a unified candidate for opposition parties and their supporters—and YAMADA Miki of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) is taking place in Tokyo’s first district. On October 20th, the group Civil Alliance for Peace and Constitutionalism held a rally in support of Kaieda in front of a supermarket in Toyama, a neighborhood in Shinjuku. Civilian speakers took the microphone one after another. HISHIYAMA Nahoko called to passersby in a voice that carried well: “This snap election has nothing to do with overcoming a ‘national crisis,’ it’s about obscuring the Kake Gakuen and Moritomo Gakuen scandals.” “I don’t want to simply advance a female candidate. What I want is a sense of security and a stable work life,” said WATANABE Teruko, a single mother and a temporary worker. “I have lived off of a mere third of the average income without any bonus pay, a life in which the price of bean sprouts makes my head spin when it becomes 45 Yen
. I’m 58 years old, but there’s no such thing as life after retirement. Without retirement money and very little pension money, I have no choice but to work until I die. We have to keep fighting no matter what.” The crowd clapped and cheered at the end, when she demanded, “I want a society that rewards hard work. With each of our votes, let’s end the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) once and for all!” (M)


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