Tuesday, November 21, 2017

A forwarding company “reduces wages” to bust its union that struggles to refuse unlawful overtime work

Toll Express Japan Co., Ltd. adopts a “no overtime pay” system. Its Toll Express Union, which belongs to the Japan Labor Council, had waged a struggle against unlawful overtime work since October 2, 2017. The company management has kicked the union members out of their actual positions and drastically reduced their wages since November 1. They lose as much as 100,000 Japanese yen (900 US dollars) a month if this state continues. The union requested the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Labor Relations Commission to redress the unfair labor practice on November 6. Two days earlier, the Kanto Regional Office Manager of Toll Express Japan told the union, “Members who leave the union will be given overtime pay as before after November 6”, revealing that the management’s action was an unfair labor practice. (Japan Labor Council)   
 * Photo: Union members and their attorney to protest against the management



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