Sunday, November 5, 2017

The Violation of Human Rights Will Continue Under New Law 〜 Rally to Protect the Rights and Lives of Japan’s Foreign Technical Interns

 On November 1st, a new law came into effect regarding “foreign technical intern,” of which there are about 220,000 currently working in Japan. The law not only extends the training period from a maximum of three years to five years, but now includes care workers, broadening the range of those eligible for the training program. Are there any problems with the new law? According to attorney IBUSUKI Shouichi, who spoke firmly about the legislation, “human rights violations will continue to occur under this law.” On October 31st, 180 people gathered in front of the Diet building to participate in a rally to “protect the rights and lives of foreign technical interns.” The crowd was larger than expected and the presence of multiple TV camera crews suggested a high level interest. More than ten interns from Vietnam, Myanmar and China took the stage and spoke of the realities facing foreign intern trainees. The story of an intern from China whose finger got crushed at a cardboard factory is particularly disturbing (photo). An officer of Gifu’s General Workers’ Union reported that workplace accidents are most common. In addition, cases of long working hours, unpaid wages, human rights violations and verbal abuse show no sign of stopping. At the rally, there was a woman from Vietnam who had come to Tokyo after escaping her job at a garment company in Ehime prefecture, where she was forced to work until 3 in the morning without any overtime pay. The Zentoitsu Workers’ Union has offered her support and is currently working to enter into collective bargaining with the company. (M) 


現在22万人が働いている「外国人技能実習生」だが、111日より「技能実習法」が施行される。これまで3年だった期間が5年に延長されたり、対象を介護職にも拡大するなど受け入れ枠を広げる法律だ。問題はないのか? 指宿昭一弁護士は「この法律では人権侵害はなくならない」ときっぱり語った。1031日に参院会館で開かれた「守ろう!外国人技能実習生のいのちと権利」集会は、予想以上の180人が参加。TVカメラも多く関心の高さを窺わせた。10人以上のベトナム・ミャンマー・中国からの実習生が壇上に上がり、実状を訴えた。ダンボール工場で指をつぶされた中国人実習生の手が痛々しい(写真)。「とにかく一番多いのが労災」と岐阜一般労組の役員が報告。長時間労働、賃金未払い、人権侵害、暴言もあとを絶たない。「愛媛の縫製業、午前3時まで働いても残業代も出ない。職場を脱出して東京まで逃げてきた」ベトナム女性もいた。現在、全統一労組がサポートし会社に団交を申し入れている。(M) 写真速報・動画(8分)・NHKニュース

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