Tuesday, October 28, 2008

News from the Scene in Seoul: Full-hearted Apology toward Harumoni (Nannies) Now! - Wednesday Demonstration Takes Place in Front of the Japanese Embas

 On October 15 (Wednesday) In front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul, South Korea, a regular Wednesday action took place for demanding the Japanese government to settle the issue of the sexual slavery facilitated by the Japanese Imperial Army. This rally is held on every Wednesday with latest one being the 835th. About 70 participants were not only from South Korea but also from overseas (the USA and Japan). The Japanese government has not reversed its stance that it will never make formal reparation as a state for victims of the sexual slavery. In recent years, the government has shown its very retrogressive attitude in that it has eliminated descriptions of so-called "military comfort women" from textbooks for public schools. Yun Mi Hyang, a joint representative of the he Council for the Solution of the Issue of the Volunteers Corps, emphasized, "Full-hearted apology toward harumoni is what I like to request to the Japanese government, the most." (Reporting: Masanori, Animation: UnionTube)

ソウル現地取材 : ハルモニに誠意ある謝罪を!日本大使館前水曜デモ

 10月15日(水)、韓国ソウルの日本大使館前で日本軍による軍隊「慰安婦」問題の解決を日本政府に要求する定期水曜デモが行なわれた。この集会は、毎週欠かさず水曜日に行なわれ、今回で835回を数える。集会には韓国内はもとより海外(アメリカ、日本など)からの参加者約70名が参加した。日本政府は、現在も軍隊慰安婦に対する国家としての正式な賠償は行なわないという態度をくずしていない。近年では、公立学校の教科書から軍隊「慰安婦」の記述を削除するという極めて後退した態度をとっている。韓国挺身隊問題対策協議会のユン・ミヒャン共同代表は、「日本政府に対して最も求めたいことは、ハルモ二に対する誠意ある謝罪だ」と強調した。(湯本雅典) 動画(UnionTube)