Monday, January 26, 2009

Haken Village moves the government ? MHLW Hall opened for overnight stay

“Villagers” of the “Haken (dispatched workers) Village” exceeded 300 as the new year came, well beyond its capacity. Therefore, the village strongly requested the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to support the “villagers”. As a result, the ministry was obliged to open its hall for overnight stay from January 2 (photo). This was epoch-making. A 53-year old man said in a joint interview in front of the hall, “I lost my job at a construction site on December 6 and had to sleep in a washroom of a park for three weeks. I managed to survive only with a piece of bread of 98 yen per day, but all of my money was only 3 yen when I arrived at the village. I really feel relieved here. I will apply for welfare benefits together with the fellow villagers next week”. All who came to the Haken Village were in dire straits.



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