Monday, January 26, 2009

We can change society! ? “Haken Village” members march to the Parliament

On January 5, 2009, the “Year-Crossing Haken (dispatched workers) Village” set in Hibiya Park, central Tokyo, totally withdrew and more than 340 “villagers” moved to new facilities. The total number of “villagers” was about 500, and they were supported by about 1,700 volunteers. Donations sent to the village amounted to 23,150,000 yen. At a meeting before marching to the Parliament, Abe Makoto, Secretary General of Japan Community Union Federation, passionately said, “The Haken Village started small but achieved big. We acted together and reached hope for changing society. Let’s continue our action and struggle for achieving work without fear”. A long line of demonstrators to the Parliament was exactly a “march of the poor in anger”. Eventually, a meeting was held in the Diet building about the issue and many lawmakers joined it.



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