Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Unions Issue Joint Appeal To Fight Layoffs And Contract Terminations for Casual Workers

Unions gathered to issue their joint appeal to fight layoffs and contract terminations at 4pm on the 24th of December at the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare’s press club. The participants, who are facing redundancies and layoffs (see photo), included workers from Isuzu, Hino Motors, Nissan Diesel Motor, Mitsubishi Fuso, Toyota, and Oita Canon. Through collective bargaining, some unions have managed to reverse dismissals and have secured ongoing accommodation in the company dormitories. Despite these gains, however, there is no overall change to their dire situation. The unions jointly demanded that they want an immediate end to the mass sackings, employment and accommodation insurance, and stressed the companies’ social responsibilities. Joint action is also being planned in order to achieve these demands. One of the participants expressed frustration at what he saw as the indifference of regular employees towards casual workers being laid off (Photo of unionists issuing dismissal “red cards” to management).


12月24日午後4時、厚労省記者クラブで「派遣切り・期間工切り」とたたかうユニオンが一同に会し、共同アピールを行った。参加したのは、いすゞ・日野自動車・日産ディーゼル・三菱ふそう・トヨタ・大分キヤノンなどで、解雇や追い出しにあっている人たち(写真)。この間、団体交渉を行い、解雇撤回や寮の確保などの成果も上げているユニオンもある。しかし、全体に厳しい状況に変わりない。共同アピールでは、大量解雇の即時中止・雇用保障・住まいの保障を求め、企業の社会的責任を追及していくことを明らかにした。そのための共同行動も計画中である。また、会見のなかで、正社員の労組が「派遣切り」に無関心であることの問題が指摘された。 *写真=首切り経営者にレッドカード

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