Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Several Hundred Protesters Gather In Front Of Embassy To Denounce Israeli Air Strikes.

On the afternoon of December 30, there was an emergency protest against the inhumane Israeli bombing of Gaza in Palestine. Some 100 people responded to the online call out and gathered outside the Israeli Embassy in Koujimachi, Tokyo, expressing their anger against the bombing. Despite police intimidation, protesters continued to gather in their numbers throughout the day. Placard-carrying protesters chanted: “Stop Israel’s bombings, Now!”, “Open dialogue with Hamas, No to Occupation!”, “Japanese Government should stop giving aid to the occupation!” A further 300 people gathered for the evening candlelight vigil called by Amnesty International. Reported by Y. Click here to see the demonstration on YouTube.


12月30日午後、パレスチナ自治区・ガザへの残虐非道な空爆を繰り返すイスラエルに対する抗議行動が取り組まれた。「イスラエルのガザ空爆に抗議する有志」がネット上で呼びかけた緊急行動だが、市民ら約100人が集まり、東京・麹町のイスラエル大使館に怒りの声をたたきつけた。警備陣の嫌がらせにもかかわらず、参加者が増え続け、さまざまなプラカードを手に「イスラエルは今すぐ空爆をやめろ」「ハマス政権と対話しろ、占領反対」「日本政府は、占領を支える援助をやめろ」などのシュプレヒコールをあげた。アムネスティなどが呼びかけた夕方の行動にも300人が集まり、ロウソクを灯して抗議した。(Y) ・動画(YouTube)

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