Monday, January 26, 2009

Israel, stop occupation and invasion to Gaza! Series of demos gathered by 1,500 and 250 in Tokyo

About 1,500 people gathered at a rally held by the “Light to Gaza! Jan 10 Peace Rally Executive Committee” (hosted by 12 groups, such as the Japan International Volunteer Center, or JVC, and Peace Boat) at Shiba Park in central Tokyo. The demonstrators, including many Palestinians and people from outside Japan, marched to the Roppongi district, calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza in the winter cold. On January 11, a “Speak-out and Demonstration: Israel, Stop Occupation and Invasion to Gaza!” meeting was held in Yotsuya, Tokyo. About 250 people joined the event. Abe Hiromi, expert on international human rights law; Ukai Satoshi, member of Teach-in Okinawa and professor of Hitotsubashi University; and Ogura Toshimaru, member of the People’s Plan Study Group delivered speeches there. Then, the participants walked in the Shinjuku district in the evening, chanting, “Free! Free! Palestine”, “No More Genocide”and“No More Occupation”.


 東京・芝公園に「1・10ガザに光を! ピースパレード実行委員会」(日本国際ボランティアセンター(JVC)、ピ-スボートなど12団体呼び掛け)の主催で約1500人が集まり、デモを行った。多くのパレスチナ人や外国人も参加し、寒空の下でイスラエルの即時停戦を叫びながら六本木まで行進した。また、11日、東京・四谷で「スピークアウト&デモ:イスラエルは占領とガザ侵攻をやめろ!」集会が開かれ、約250人が集まった。阿部浩己さん(国際人権法)・鵜飼哲さん(ティーチイン沖縄)・小倉利丸さん(ピープルズプラン研究所)らが集会で発言した。参加者はその後、「フリーフリー パレスチナ」「ジェノサイド ノーモア」「オキュペイション ノーモア」とシュプレヒコールをあげながら、夜の新宿をデモ行進した。

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