Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Minimum hourly wage \1,000 for anyone, anywhere! Zenroren goes on hungerstrike

On June 30, 2009, the National Joint Spring Offensive and Tokyo JointSpring Offensive of Zenroren (National Confederation of Trade Unions)went on a hunger strike for “703 minutes” from 8 AM to 7:43 PM. Threemembers of the Young Contingent Workers Union in Tokyo, including ayoung man who was working for Mitsubishi Fuso as dispatched worker butwas eventually fired, also joined the strike. Currently, even Japan’shighest minimum hourly wage is 766 yen in Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefectures,and the lowest is 627 yen in Miyazaki, Kagoshima and Okinawa Prefectures.The duration of the strike “703 minutes” reflects the average minimumhourly wage in Japan, 703 yen. The too low minimum hourly wages are thereason why those working on a temporary basis are obliged to be theworking poor despite that they work for 2,000 hours a year. We went on ahunger strike with the slogan “Eradicate poverty! Boost economy byraising minimum wages”. Livable wage now! Stable working conditions now!(Yamada Shingo, Young Contingent Workers Union in Tokyo)

 全労連・国民春闘共闘・東京春闘共闘は6月30日、午前8時から午後7時43分まで「703分」のハンガーストを決行しました。首都圏青年ユニオンは、派遣切りされた三菱ふそうの若者を含め3名でハンガーストに参加。最賃がもっとも高い東京と神奈川でも766円で、もっと低い宮崎、鹿児島、沖縄は627円です。最賃平均額は703円なのでハンガーストも703分です。年間2000時間働いてもワーキングプアから抜け出すことが出来ないのは、最賃があまりにも低すぎるからです。私たちは「なくせ貧困!最低賃金の引上げで景気回復を」をスローガンにハンガーストを行いました。まともに生活出来る賃金保障を! 安心して働ける労働条件を作って行きましょう。(首都圏青年ユニオン・山田真吾)

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