Wednesday, July 15, 2009

No to Mitsubishi Fuso’s “Firing of dispatched workers”! Suit filedfor hiring on full-time basis

Suzuki Shigemitsu and Hayashi Takayuki, ex-temporary workers at theKawasaki Factory of Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation who wereeventually dismissed, filed a lawsuit to the Tokyo District Court forconfirming their positions on June 29, 2009. The two plaintiffs wereworking at an assembly line for large vehicles in the factory for morethan three years. Their duties were the same as those of full-timeemployees, but they had their employment status changed many times and,therefore, had to be in a very unstable situation. Finally, they wereunilaterally fired on December 25, 2008. They joined the YoungContingent Workers Union in Tokyo in protest against the dismissal anddemanded a negotiation with Mitsubishi Fuso but without success. Then,they decided to bring the company to court. Mr. Suzuki (center of thephoto) assured in front of the court, “I was hanged up at first, buthave recognized it is important to raise a voice against something wrongsince I discussed with many people. I will never give up”. Image(UnionTube)

 三菱ふそう川崎工場で派遣切りに遭った鈴木重光さん・林貴行さんの2名は、6月29日、東京地裁に正社員としての地位確認を求める提訴を行なった。2人の原告は、川崎工場の大型車両製造ラインで3年以上働いてきた。仕事は正社員と変わらなかったが、雇用形態を何度も変えられ不安定な状態を余儀なくされた上、昨年12月25日に一方的に切られた。2人は、会社の使い捨てに納得がいかず首都圏青年ユニオンに加入し、会社に交渉を求めてきたが埒が明かず、今回の提訴になった。裁判所前で鈴木さん(写真中央)は「どうしたらいいか悩んだ。でもみんなと話す中で、おかしいことにはおかしいと声を上げる重要性を感じるようになった。頑張ります」ときっぱり語った。 動画(UnionTube)

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