Thursday, July 30, 2009

Seek Reponsibility from JR West former president Ide, who Built Corporate Culture -- Safety Issue Research Group

Safety Issue Research Group (represented by Kokutetsu Ko) announced a statement regarding a lawsuit filed on July 8 against JR West's former president on an accident caused by JR Fukuchiyama Line. In the statement, the group said it was a rare case and a giant step to file a lawsuit against a top executive of a transportation company concerning an accident caused by public transportation. Masataka Ide, former JR West president, was one of the three main roles who were involved in the reform of Japan Railway, which ruined safety of public transportation system and dissolved the state-run transportation company. The group also accused of Ide for taking over a forcible labor policy within former Japan Railway, which introduced a personnel center. It sought responsibility from Ide as the top executive for creating such a corporate culture within JR West that lacks smooth communication at a workplace.


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