Friday, November 20, 2009

Do it right! ~Message to the new government 700 people gather at Anti-poverty event ~

A rally to demand the new Hatoyama government do it right was held at a Tokyo park on Oct. 17. The event was sponsored by Anti-poverty Network. Some 700 people gathered at Shiba park on the day, which marked International Day to Eradicate Poverty. The group's representative, Kenji Utsunomiya, said, "The anti-poverty caravan last year sewed the seed of citizens' movement across Japan and the seeds began budding. Makoto Yuasa was chosen as a policy councilor to National Strategy Bureau. We sent him there." The lawyer then added that the Tent City last year pushed the change of reign but the number of people who line up for free meals outside has doubled in a year. "The government should set up emergency measures for the yearend holidays," he said. The event participants together lined up to create the network's mascot, a poverty ghost named, Hinky (See photo), at the closing. (By Y)


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