Friday, November 20, 2009

No Need for law depriving workers of rights ~ 2500 gather at rally demanding revision of Dispatch Law

As Japan's employment situation becomes more severe, a rally to demand complete revision of the nation's Dispatch Law was held in the evening of Oct. 29 in Tokyo. Some 2,500 people came to Hibiya Open Air Public Hall, where they called the new coalition government to ban a registration system of temp work and realize their manifesto. To parliamentarians from the government and the opposition parties who spoke onstage, passionate encouragement, as well as difficult demands, were thrown. Satoshi Kamata, a reportage writer, said, "The Dispatch Law is depriving workers of their rights. This is a battle against company management that tries to protect profits they make by abusing workers." He then added, "The new government must give hopes and dreams to young people. Humans are not objects. Let's use the personnel cost to protect human rights. We should fight until we can live a decent life." After the rally, participants led the demonstration to the parliamentarians' headquarters and shouted slogans with them. (By Y) Photo report by N *Video on UnionTube & YouTube

雇用情勢がさらに厳しさを増すなか、労働者派遣法の抜本改正を求める集会が10月29日夜、都内で開かれた。会場の日比谷野外音楽堂には2500人が集まり、参加者は連立政権に登録型派遣の原則禁止、公約実現などを求めて気勢をあげた。ステージで発言した与野党の国会議員らに対しても、熱い激励と厳しい注文が相次いだ。ルポライターの鎌田慧さんは、「派遣法は、やらずボッタクリ法だ。派遣法を改正することは、ピンハネの利益を守ろうとする経営者との、天下分け目の闘いだ」。「新政権は若い人たちに夢と希望を与えなければならない。人間はモノじゃない」。「人件費を、人権を守る人権費に変えていこう。人間らしい生活ができるようにがんばろう」と訴えた。閉会後、国会請願デモに出発。衆参各議員面会所前で待ち構える各党の議員らとともに力強いシュプレヒコールを繰り返した。(報道部・Y) 写真報告N・動画(UnionTube)  ・(YouTube

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