Friday, November 20, 2009

The Pacific Beach Hotel Dispute ~ Union Gets Order of Relief

On Sept. 30, the National Labor Relations Board, which is equivalent to Japan's labor committee, issued an order of relief to the Pacific Beach Hotel that accepted all the union's demands. The order said the hotel re-instate the dismissed union executives, pay their salary during the dismissed period and sincerely respond to collective bargaining with International Longshoremen and Warehouse Union, as well as retrieving changes in working conditions that the company made without the union's consent. Because more than 70 percent of hotel's clientele is Japanese, Rengo, Japanese Council of Transport Workers' Union, International Union of Food Workers Japan Coordinating Council, All Japan Dockworkers Union, Japan Federation of Service & Tourism Industries Workers' Unions and others decided to support the struggle and took coordinated actions with requests from AFL-CIO. On Oct. 16, a rally was held in Tokyo to share the reports and to confirm that all supporters take stronger actions. (By T) *Website for supporting struggle; photo = protest action in front of the hotel


ハワイのパシフィック・ビーチ・ホテル争議に関して、9月30日、全国労働関係局(日本の労働委員会に相当)は、組合側主張を全面的に認める完全勝利の救済命令を交付した。命令の内容は、交渉委員らの解雇の撤回・復職・バックペイ、誠意をもって全米港湾労組との団体交渉に応じること、組合の同意なく実施した労働条件変更の撤回などである。宿泊客の7割以上が日本人であるので、AFL-CIOなどからの支援要請を受けて、連合や交運労協、国際食品労連日本協議会、全港湾労組、旅行会社やホテルを組織するサービス連合などが支援を決定し、相互に連携をしながら支援活動を進めてきた。10月16日には、勝利命令を受けての報告集会が都内で開催され、支援運動を強化することを確認した。(T)・争議支援サイト *写真=ホテル前の抗議集会

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