Wednesday, November 4, 2009

“House of Freedom and Survival” opens vegetable market ? Charity items also wanted

The “House of Freedom and Survival” in the Yotsuya district, central Tokyo, which was built for the working poor, will open the “Vegetable market for freedom and survival, linking production areas and cities, and homes, workplaces and food” on November 8, 2009. On that day, vegetables produced in Yamagata, Shimane and Chiba prefectures under a reduced amount of fertilizer or in a pesticide-free condition will be directly marketed by the farmers at the market. The “Vegetable market” is a job-creating trial by the working poor other than working under unstable employment or going entrepreneurial unstably. The place of the market is the “Square of the House of Freedom and Survival”, whose address is 3, Aizumi-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan. In addition, the house wants charity auction items to support it. (Shimizu Naoko) Photo= Members of the “House of Freedom and Survival”

ワーキングプアのための住まいをめざして、東京・四谷に生まれた「自由と生存の家」が、11月8日に「産地と都市を、家と仕事と食べ物をつなぐ、自由と生存の野菜市場」を開催する。当日は、「自由と生存の家」で、山形、島根、千葉・三里塚の農家の無農薬、減農薬野菜を直売する。不安定な雇用で働いたり、不安定なベンチャー起業をする以外になにか生きる方法はないのか、自分たちで仕事を作れないだろうか、と考え、「野菜市場」を開催することになった。場所は、東京都新宿区愛住町3番の「自由と生存の家広場」。また、「自由と生存の家」を応援するチャリティーオークション品物を募集している。(清水直子) *写真=「自由と生存の家」の面々

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