Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Solve the struggle of 1047 dismissed former rail workers now! Kansai Cycle Caravan starts

The “Kansai Cycle Caravan” departed on time at 10 AM on October 5, 2009 from the South Square of Sannomiya Station of the Japanese Rail in Hyogo Prefecture, appealing, “Solve the issue of the dismissal of 1047 former National Railway workers now! Be in solidarity with non-regular workers! Treat us as humans!” A meeting before the departure was attended by about 50 people (photo) and facilitated by Mr. Okushi from the struggle group of the National Railworkers’ Union in Saga, who now lives in Hyogo Prefecture. Mr. Minoda from the struggle group in Kumamoto, who now lives in Osaka Prefecture, explained the history and purpose of the caravan, “We aim at not only solving the struggle of the dismissed former National Railway workers, which has continued for 23 years, but also being in solidarity with non-regular workers symbolized with the dismissal of dispatched workers”. After encouraging speeches and chants, the caravan departed. It will be carried out till November 9. (HP of the National Railways Joint Struggle Congress)

「政府は国鉄労働者1047名問題の解決決断を! 非正規連帯! 俺たちを人間らしく扱え! 関西サイクルキャラバン」は、10月5日午前10時にほぼ定刻通り元気に出発した。出発集会は、9時30分からJR三ノ宮駅南広場で開催され約50人が参加した(写真)。集会の司会は佐賀地区闘争団で兵庫常駐の大串さんが担当。大阪常駐の熊本闘争団の蓑田さんが「23年に及んだ国鉄闘争の解決だけでなく、派遣切りに象徴される非正規労働者との連帯行動の二つの目的で取り組む」とキャラバン行動の経過と趣旨を報告。激励の発言が続いたあと最後に、団結ガンバローをおこない、元気に出発した。キャラバンは9日まで行われる。(国鉄闘争共闘会議HP

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