Sunday, February 28, 2010

Don’t discriminate by company size – Negotiation with MHLW on increase in overtime pay

The National Union of General Workers negotiated with the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare at a meeting room in the First Members’ Office Building of the Lower House on February 1, 2010 over the “revised” Labor Standards Law that will be enforced on April 1 (photo). The biggest problem for us is that, while the “revised” law provides the rate of increase in overtime pay being raised from the current 25% to 50% for hours exceeding 60 hours a month in order to restrict long working hours causing karoshi (death from overwork), it “does not obligate” small and medium businesses to “raise the rate for the time being”. The union, which organizes many workers in SMBs, can never accept such discriminatory measures based on the sizes of companies. Angry voices were raised from members of the union one after another at the negotiation. (Suda Mitsuteru, National Union of General Workers)


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