Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tokyo Education Board’s Purposefully Dismissing Mr Hikita Revealed - 20-Minute Testimony

On Jan. 27, the last testimonial to reinstate Tetsuya Hikita as a junior school teacher was held at Tokyo District Court. Hikita was dismissed because the school said he was inappropriate for the position during his training period. Hikita, who formerly taught at Kodaira No. 5 Junior High School, spent about 20 minutes explaining unfairness and illegality of dismissing public workers. His dignified appeal echoed heavily in the court house filled with supporters. “This struggle will extensively influence education board,” Lawyer Akira Fukushima said after the hearing closed. “We will be in trouble if it gets easier to dismiss public workers like this.” The verdict will be handed down on April 28. (By Y) See Hikita’s homepage

都教委の狙いうち解雇明らかに~疋田教諭 20分にわたり最終陳述

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