Monday, February 8, 2010

Illegal labor dispatch is also done at schools! ? Simultaneous nationwide research on disguised outsourcing of foreign lecturers

Illegal worker dispatch was not limited to factories. An increasing number of foreign lecturers are employed in the form of disguised outsourcing for English classes at public schools. Such lecturers are working under poor working conditions and in precarious positions. The General Union picked up this problem very early. Last year, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology finally started a simultaneous nationwide research on “disguised outsourcing of foreign lecturers by education boards”. In addition, the General Union is pursuing the violation of law by subcontractors like Interac in cooperation with various ministries. Its research has entered a crucial point, and the campaign to “eliminate outsourcing of lecturers” has shocked boards of education and dishonest staffing companies in all around Japan. We are demanding “Proper direct employment now!” (Osaka General Union) - General Union Website * Photo: Foreign member of the General Union

違法派遣は工場だけではなかった。公立学校の英語教育などで、外国人講師が偽装委託の形で雇用されるケースが激増している。そこで働く外国人講師は、劣悪な労働条件と不安定な立場に置かれている。ゼネラルユニオンはこの問題をいち早く取り上げていた。そして昨年、ついに文科省が「教育委員会の外国人講師偽装委託」全国一斉調査を開始した。また、ゼネラルユニオンが各省庁との連携で、インタラックなど請負業者の法違反を追及している。調査は今年にはいり山場を迎えており、「講師委託一掃」の大号令で、全国の教育委員会と悪徳派遣業者に衝撃が走っている。私たちは「今すぐまともな直接雇用を!」と要求している。(大阪ゼネラルユニオン) ・ゼネラルユニオンHP *写真=ゼネラルユニオン外国人組合員

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