Sunday, February 28, 2010

Victorious settlement reached in Konaka’s “Only-in-name store managers” case – Settlement money to be paid to two

Two store managers of Konaka, a chain of suit stores, filed a lawsuit against the company for that they “had been obliged to work for long hours without overtime being paid in spite of being only-in-name managers”, demanding the overtime be paid for the hours worked unpaid. The two are members of the Konaka local of the National Union of General Workers, Tokyo Tobu. A settlement was reached between them and the Konaka management at the Yokohama District Court on February 8, 2010, so that the latter make the financial settlement to the two plaintiffs. The two store managers and the union take the amount of the money as being “satisfactory”, winning a victorious settlement, although it is necessary to withhold the actual amount under the secrecy clause. Its significance is that the management virtually accepted the fact that the two store managers were “only-in-name” with the payment of the settlement money substantially equal to the unpaid overtime. (Suda, Tokyo Tobu) Reported in the union blog * Photo: Union members and supporters (in front of the district court)

 私たち全国一般東京東部労組コナカ支部の組合員である2人の店長が「店長というのは名ばかりなのに残業代が払われないまま長時間労働させられた」として、株式会社コナカを相手取って店長時代の未払い残業代を請求していた「名ばかり店長」裁判が、2月8日横浜地裁であり、会社側が2人に解決金を支払う内容で和解が成立しました。解決金の金額のみについては守秘義務があるため額を公表することはできませんが、原告である2人の店長と当労組は「十分に納得のいく額」と考えており、勝利和解です。今回の和解は、会社側が2人に対して実質的に未払い残業代にあたる解決金を支払うことで、「店長は名ばかり管理職」だったことを会社側に事実上認めさせたという点に意義があります。(東京東部労組・須田) ・詳細(当該ブログ) *写真=組合側関係者(勝利和解した地裁前)

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