Monday, February 8, 2010

Meeting focusing on “Society good for both women and men” ? Toward trapezoid-shaped curve of employment from M-shaped one

A meeting calling for a “Society food for both women and men” was held at the Bunkyo Ward Gender Equality Center in central Tokyo on January 9, 2010. This year is that of the “Third Basic Plan for Gender Equality”. Fukushima Mizuho, who has become the Minister of Gender Equality in the current coalition government, delivered a speech and exchanged opinions with local assemblypersons who came here from all over Japan. The meeting was co-hosted by the “National Organization of Feminist Legislators” and the “G.planning Bunkyo”. Ms. Fukushima first said, “I would like to do whatever I can while I am in the current position”. She introduced excellent systems to support women to work and raise children in European countries, such as France. Ms. Fukushima reiterated that the current “M-shaped curve of employment” among Japanese women by age group be changed to the “trapezoid-shaped one (reverse U-shaped one)”. (Reported by Y)


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