Thursday, April 29, 2010

The case of JR employment rejection/discharges of 1047 unionists turns to settlement - Payment of total 20 billion yen and promise of "employment effo

On April 9, the government finalized its settlement proposal for the case where JR refused to employ unfairly discharged 1047 union members, which the four organizations involved in the lawsuits accepted on the whole. The contents of the solution include 20 billion yen for the settlement money (22 million yen per person) and a promise for the government to make effort to have employed by JR. In a press conference, President Takahashi of the National Railway Workers' Union or Kokuro (center) said, "This is a great step forward out of the heavy door. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude toward all those who have worked hard for the solution. For the employment issue, the settlement plan is not perfect. From a humanitarian viewpoint, I'd like to see JR fulfill the request for employment." Chairperson Sakai of the plaintiff's team said to the reporter (me), "Anyway this is it. I am relieved at a settlement like this." Settlement money is agreed upon, indeed. But it is still uncertain how the issue of employment is going to be solved. (Akira Matsubara) Three-minute and full-length 24-minute videos at UnionTube, and statements of the four parties/organizations on the webpage of the Joint Struggle Congress

 4月9日、JR不採用事件・1047名解雇問題の政府案が最終的にまとまり、4者4団体もこれを全面的に受諾した。解決内容は、和解金が200億円(1人あたり2200万円)で、雇用については「政府がJRへの雇用について努力する」としたもの。記者会見で国労高橋委員長(中央)は、「大きな扉を開いた。解決に尽力された方々に心から感謝したい。雇用確保については必ずしも万全ではないが、ぜひ人道的立場からJRは雇用を受け入れてほしい」と述べた。酒井原告団団長は、「とにかく一段落。ここまできて一安心している」と記者(私)に語った。和解金の決着はみたものの、雇用問題がすっきりしない解決内容となった。(松原 明) ・記者会見動画3分(UnionTube) ・ノーカット版24分(UnionTube) ・4者4団体の見解(共闘会議HP

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