Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sapporo General Union: Victory in the case over refusal to reemploy at New Holland HFT Japan

In a lawsuit that Mr. Kosugi (photo), a former employee of New Holland HFT Japan, protested against the refusal of his reemployment at his age of retirement of 60, Judge Suguri Takayuki of the Sapporo District Court decided that the refusal was invalid due to violation of Article 9 of the Law for the Stabilization of Employment of the Aged, and ordered the corporation to pay 5.5 million yen to him as compensation. However, Judge Suguri dismissed Mr. Kosugi’s claim for the confirmation of his position for that a contract for his reemployment with New Holland had not been concluded. This case was typically corporate management’s abuse of the law having some “loopholes”. This decision seems to be the first to have made a breakthrough against such abuse. (Reported by Suzuki Hajime, Sapporo General Union) - Webpage of the union 

 (株)日本ニューホランドの小杉さん(写真)が、60歳の定年を迎えた際に、会社から再雇用を拒否されたのは不当だと訴えていた裁判で、3月30日札幌地裁(村主隆行裁判官)は、会社が小杉さんを再雇用から排除したのは高年齢者雇用安定法(高年法)9条の趣旨に反し無効であるとして、会社側に550万円の支払いを命じた。但し、小杉さんと会社間に再雇用の契約が成立したとまでは認められないとして、地位確認の請求は棄却した。この事件は、「抜け穴」のある高年法を、会社側が悪用した典型的ケースだった。この判決は、高年法9条を悪用したケースに突破口を開けたという点では、恐らく全国初の判決だと思われる。(札幌地域労組・鈴木一) ・札幌地域労組HP