Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring wage negotiations in 2010: Postal workers on strike demanding non-regular workers be full-timers!

On March 18, 2010, the Postal Workers’ Union (affiliated to Zenrokyo: National Trade Union Council) and Yusanro (Postal Industry Union, affiliated to Zenroren: National Confederation of Trade Unions) went on the first unified strike, demanding that non-regular workers be hired as full-timers and equally treated under the slogan, “Victory in Spring Offensive 2010!” Approximately 80 workers gathered at the Koishikawa Branch of Japan Post (photo), which became the base in Tokyo, and got through a rally in front of the branch despite surveillance of more than 15 managers. A female non-regular postal worker who recently joined the Postal Workers’ Union powerfully appealed, “It is impossible to survive only at 1,030 yen per hour. My work is the same as that of a full-timer, but there is a huge gap between us. As Postal Reform Minister Kamei said, I would also like to be a full-timer. I want to join the struggle in the union”. On this day, 61 workers at 14 workplaces were designated for strike by the Postal Workers’ Union. (M) Postal Workers’ Union webpage Image (UnionTube)

2010春闘 : 非正規の正社員化もとめ郵政労働者がストライキ!
 3月18日、郵政労働者ユニオン(全労協)と郵政産業労働組合(全労連)は、10春闘勝利!正社員化と均等待遇を求めて、初の同日統一ストライキを決行した。東京の拠点となった日本郵政小石川店(写真)には、早朝から約80名の労働者が集まり、15人をこえる職制の監視をはね返して、社前集会を成功させた。非正規のゆうメイト職員で、ユニオンに入ったばかりの女性は「いま時給1030円だがこれでは生活できない。社員と同じ仕事なのに格差がありすぎる。亀井大臣が発言したとおり、私も正社員になりたい。ユニオンでたたかっていきたい」と力強く挨拶した。この日郵政ユニオンでは、全国14職場・61人が指名ストに入った。(M) ・郵政ユニオンHP  ・動画

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