Thursday, April 29, 2010

No more bullshit on Okinawans! Protest action starts in furor in front of the Prime Minister's official residence

At 10:30 a.m., April 6, protest action by angry Okinawans started in front of the Prime Minister's official residence. Mr. Minoru Kinjo, a sculptor (photo), grabbed a microphone. "Mr. Eisaku Sato received a Nobel Peace Prize and 120 million yen for deceiving Okinawans through the secret pact incident. He also said in one occasion, 'While the Okinawa matter is solved, we are still in the post-war time.' No kidding. Shameless is he. He fooled Okinawans with bullshits. The new administration is acting selfishly as well, flattering Okinawans with references to 'kind Okinawans,' 'the blue ocean," and local cuisine like Goya-champuru and sightseeing spots and, behind the scene, still pursuing the scheme to transfer the base within Okinawa. Absolutely never we will allow it." Around the sit-in that day, the gross number of supporters reached 400, joining the appeal with chants and songs. This action will continue up to April 9. The protesters are calling for gross participation of 3000. (M) videos at UnionTube and OurPlanet-TV


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