Wednesday, April 14, 2010

No base or war! 800 join World Peace Now rally

A “World Peace Now” rally was held in central Tokyo on March 20, 2010 while the Japanese Government was troubled by the issue to relocate the Futemma Air Base in Okinawa. Approximately 800 persons joined the rally on the sunny day and chanted, “No base or war! Foreign troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan”. Speeches were delivered by Shiba Rei, a journalist who was detained by the US Army during his coverage in Iraq in June 2003, and Okochi Hidehito, a member of the Campaign for Palestinian Children. Ashitomi Hiroshi, a member of the Council against Helicopter Base, referred to the recent hit-and-run accident caused by a US soldier in Okinawa, and criticized, “It may be natural for those involved in an act of war to run away without calling emergency from the accident site”. (Y) Photo flash

 沖縄の普天間基地移設問題で政府が迷走を続けるなか、「WORLD PEACE NOW」の集会 が都内で開かれた。晴天に恵まれた3月20日、港区・芝公園に約800人(主催者発表)が集まり、「基地も戦争もいらない! イラク、アフガンから 外国軍を撤退させよう」と声をあげた。03年6月のイラク取材で米軍に拘束されたジャーナリストの志葉玲さんや、大河内秀人さん(パレスチナ子どものキャンペーン)らが次々と発言した。安次富浩さん(ヘリ基地反対協)は、先の沖縄での米軍による「ひき逃げ事件」に触れ、「現場から救急隊に通報もせず立ち去るのは、戦争行為者にしてみれば当然の感覚かもしれない」と断罪した。(Y) 写真速報

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