Thursday, April 29, 2010

Increasing deaths of leukemia among employees of Samsung, Korea - Cooperation needed for international signature campaign

On March 31 morning, 2010, PARK Jong (age 23), an employee of Samsung Electronics, South Korea, died of leukemia after a painful fight against disease. She had been working at the semiconductor production line for three years. Her sickness and death were obviously caused by the poor working environment at Samsung's semiconductor plant exposed to toxic chemicals. Already, the number of victims suffering leukemia or lymph or other cancer reached 22 at Samsung plants, seven out of which have died. Their Thai plants also see victims. Nevertheless, Samsung, the world biggest electronic components manufacturer has not admitted its responsibility whatsoever. The victims and supporters have formed SHARPs (so tentatively named for supporters of the health and rights of people working in the semiconductor manufacturing industry), calling for cooperation for an international signature campaign to demand Samsung to clarify the corporate responsibility, to make compensation and to improve the working environment. See their webpage for details.

 韓国サムスン・エレクトロニクスで3年間、半導体生産ラインで働いていたパク・チヨンさん(23歳)が、白血病による闘病生活のあと、2010年3月31日の朝亡くなった。彼女の病気と死は、明らかにサムスン半導体工場の有毒化学物質を扱う劣悪な労働環境が原因だった。すでに、サムスンの工場労働者の白血病・リンパ腫などのガン患者は22名に達し、7名が死亡。またタイ工場などでも被害者が出ている。しかし、世界最大の電子機器会社サムスンは責任を一切認めていない。被害者と支援者たちは、SHARPs(仮称「半導体製造産業で働く人々の健康と権利の支援者」)を結成し、サムソンに「会社の責任明確化と補償、労働環境の改善」を要求する国際署名運動を呼びかけている。 詳細HP 

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