Saturday, July 31, 2010

Emiko Teranishi (see the photo) Wins the Fourth Nakajima Tomio Prize from the Ryu Foundation for No More Karoshi

The foundation has selected Emiko Teranishi (see the photo) as the winner for this year of the prize granted by the Ryu Foundation for No More Karoshi (death due to overworking). In 1996, Ms. Teranishi's husband, then aged 49, committed suicide in his agony from overworking as the shop manager of an eating and drinking house Sobadokoro Takasho. It claimed five years for her to go through a struggle for having his death recognized as occupational disaster, followed by additional five and a half years for a civil case against the company, resulting in ten and a half years of her fight for bringing about a solution. After this, Ms. Teranishi has been active as the representative of the National Association of Bereaved Families for Examining Karoshi. In March 2009, she submitted a request for administrative document disclosure to the Osaka Labour Bureau, requesting names of companies responsible for karoshi cases to be publicized. The Labour Bureau, however, refused to publicize such company names on the ground that personal information be protected. In November of the same year, she went to the Osaka District Court for action against the government, requesting cancellation of the ruling for nondisclosure. In the award ceremony on August 1, there will be a talk by Ms. Teranishi as well as a memorial speech by Kenji Utsunomiya, representing the Anti-Poverty Network. (By Suda)


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