Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Strike at Suzuka Sakura Hospital, Mie Prefecture, Wins Night Work Allowance Increase

The union of the Suzuka Sakura Hospital located in the city of Suzuka, Mie Prefecture、 went on a strike at 16:30, July 5, for allowance increases (see the photo). The hospital management agreed to meet the union's demand at 17:00 that day, that is, 30 minutes after the strike had started, based upon which the union ended the strike immediately. During the strike, managerial personnel pitched in, avoiding direct impact on patients. The strike was staged by the Suzuka Sakura Hospital Branch of Union Mie (an affiliate of the Japan Community Union Federation which is affiliated to Rengo). Out of about 140 personnel at the Suzuka Sakura Hospital including nurses, clerical workers and meal cooks, 116 workers have joined the union, and the chairperson of the executive board of the Union Mie, Itaru Shioda, chairs the branch. (By Toru Sakai)