Friday, July 2, 2010

If Beat Takeshi isn't an employee, neither are you

Aichi Labour Commission Probes RADIO i Unfair Labour

FM RADIO i (Aichi International Broadcasting) claimed that
it had "no contractual relationship" with a disc jockey,
who is a member of Aichi Solidarity Union, and said he was
outsourced by a dispatch agency, Culture Club.

After choosing the union member at an audition, the radio
station referred him to Culture Club. He was told that
Culture Club would act as his 'agent' and would pay for
his appearance on the radio. The agency also said it would
deduct 5% from his pay for managing his work schedule.

The member's live broadcasts for RADIO i were closely
supervised and monitored by the station’s producers. The
station was not to give him any direct instruction on the
job unless it drew contract with him.

The lawyer representing RADIO i claimed "Beat Takeshi and
Tamori are not employees (they are independent), so
neither is he." However, a RADIO i DJ is not as well-known
as Beat Takeshi or Tamori. The station regularly posts
recruiting ads for 'bilingual and trilingual DJs' on its
web site.

The union member's work was scheduled within a month after
the audition. He was hired through a process no different
from that of any other employee.

The Japanese law gurantees workers' rights, but many
companies often try to evade responsibilities by not
drawing direct employment contract with workers and
relying on outsourcing agencies.

Aichi Solidarity Union will also be looking into what
responsibility Culture Club has in this dispute.

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