Saturday, July 31, 2010

Theatrical Screening of "Hiroshima and Pyongyang", Quiet Communicator of Anger of A-bomb Survivor in North Korea

Hiroshima bomb survivor
On July 3, a documentary movie "Hiroshima and Pyongyan" was screened at Polepole Higashinakano, Tokyo, featuring Lee Kye-son, a Hiroshima bomb survivor, living in the city of Pyongyan, North Korea. This movie quietly depicts the anger of an atomic bomb survivor living in North Korea as no remedy comes at the mercy of political circumstances involving North Korea-Japan relations. It also documents the daily life in North Korea in details. Director Takashi Ito, a journalist having visited North Korea 24 times, offers images that nobody else could have shot. In his talk after the screening, he presented some inside stories about material collecting and editing, with Atsushi Kobayashi and Tokachi Tsuchiya in charge of editing also participating. Mr. Ito reflected, "To collect what I collected, I had to make strenuous effort in the face of tough restraints on material gathering. It was really difficult to shorten the 100-hour material into a 90-minute film." The film will be screened at Polepole Higashinakano in the morning show up to July 30, and also showing will be carried out around the country. (By M) In the photo, from left: Atsushi Kobayashi, Takashi Ito and Tokachi Tsuchiya

 7月3日、東京・ポレポレ東中野で北朝鮮在住のヒロシマ被爆者・李桂先(リゲソン)さんを描いたドキュメンタリー映画「ヒロシマ・ピョンヤン」が公開された。映画は日朝関係の政治に振り回され、救済されない在朝被爆者の怒りを静かに描いている。また、北朝鮮の日常生活を細部にわたってドキュメント。訪朝24回のジャーナリスト・伊藤孝司監督だからこそ撮れた映像といえる。上映後のトークでは、編集を担当した小林アツシ・土屋トカチの両氏を交え、取材や編集の裏話を披露した。伊藤さんは「取材制約の中で粘ってやっと撮れた。100時間の素材を90分にするのが本当に大変だった」と振り返った。ポレポレ東中野で30日までモーニングショー、全国でも公開される。(M)  *写真左から=小林アツシ・伊藤孝司・土屋トカチの各氏

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