Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Don’t be disappointed: “Japan-Korea People’s Music Exchange Live” is held

On November 12, 2010, the “Japan-Korea People’s Music Exchange Live” was held at the Monnaka Tenjo Hall in downtown Tokyo. Two South Korean singers performing in labor events, Yeon Yeong-seok (photo) and Ji Min-ju, joined the live as guests. Performers from Japan included Johnny H, Nore no Kai singing group that has introduced many Korean labor songs, HOWS Singing Fellows and Ikuta Manji. Youngsok’s songs expressed weakness, pains and anger of workers, quietly moving the audience. On the other hand, Minju fascinated them with upbeat rhythm. In the finale, everyone sang a popular Korean labor song “Don’t Be Disappointed. You’re Not Alone. Always with Friends” for solidarity. The live was also joined by members of the “Korea Citizen Union”, who were in Japan to protest the headquarters of the watch manufacturer. The union members performed “yuldong” rhythmic dance. (M) Video (UnionTube)

 11月12日、東京・門仲天井ホールで「日韓民衆歌謡交流ライブ」が開催された。韓国の労働現場で歌っているヨン・ヨンソクさん(写真)とチ・ミンジュさんがゲスト。日本からは、ジョニーH・ノレの会・HOWSうたの仲間・生田卍らが出演した。ヨンソクさんの歌は、労働者の弱さや悩み、怒りなどを表現して静かに感動を拡げた。一方ミンジュさんは、ノリノリの韓国パワーのリズムで観客を魅了した。最後は、全員で「そんな顔しちゃだめさ ひとりぼっちじゃないさ 仲間がいるよ」という韓国労働歌謡のヒット曲を歌い、交流を深めた。また日本に遠征闘争中の「韓国シチズン」のメンバーも参加し、ユルトン(踊り)を披露した。(M)・動画(UnionTube)

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