Thursday, December 16, 2010

Suicide case of KIMURA Yuriko Her mother meets the Fund for the first time

On November 16, a news program on the Asahi TV network “Hodo Station” made a special 15 minutes program on the death of KIMURA Yuriko, who had started to work as a newly-hired teacher at an elementary school in Iwata City, Shiuzoka Prefecture and had to kill herself five month later.
Since the news was broadcasted nationwide, the Government and the Local Government Employees’ Accident Compensation Fund cannot ignore the harsh working conditions in public schools any more. On November 19, plaintiffs and their family members of Karoshi cases gathered in Tokyo and held negotiations with the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and with Local Government Employees’ Accident Compensation Fund. KIMURA’s mother, KIMURA Kazuko, spoke to the Fund for the first time and strongly demanded “ to admit the case as an occupational accident and that will change the situation at schools”.(YUMOTO Masanori)
See Union Tube Photo: KIMURA Kazuko

 静岡県磐田市立の小学校に新規採用されたその年の9月に自ら命を絶った木村百合子さんの自死事件は、11月16日、報道ステーション(テレビ朝日系列)が15分の特集を組み、全国報道した。事件がメディアを通じて公になったことで、国も「地方公務員災害補償基金」も学校現場の劣悪な労働環境を無視できない状況が、生まれつつあると言える。こうしたなか、19日、全国の「過労死訴訟」を闘っている家族、原告が上京し、厚生労働省と「基金」への要請を一斉に行なった。木村百合子さんの母・和子さん(写真)も、初めて「基金」に対し直接要請を行い「公務災害を認めてほしい。公務災害が認められれば、学校は変わる」と強く訴えた。(湯本雅典) ・動画(UnionTube) 

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