Thursday, December 16, 2010

Vigil held in front of the Diet to stop the revision of the three point principle on arms export

In the evening of November 30, 60 people from citizen’s groups gathered in front of the Diet and held a candlelight vigil to protest the New Basic Defense Program and the revision of the three point principle on arms export carried out by the DPJ. The Party Head of SDP, Fukushima attended the action. The representative of the No Campaign to the Nuclear Missile Defense spoke to the attendants; ”The three point principle on arms export is a national credo. If the government wants to change it, they should ask the people. A section of the DPJ is carrying out the revision process unilaterally, but this is a violation of democracy and we are not letting it go. The US is using war robots and unmanned air crafts in Afghanistan and Japan will be forced to be an accomplice, if the principle is reviewed”. TAKADA Ken spoke at the end of the meeting; ”We have to let more people know of the facts. Let’s gather at the in-house meeting on December 7 to stop the cabinet decision on December 10”. (M)


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