Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Evacuees by Choice Shall Be Compensated—Rights Rally in Tokyo

Some 200 people gathered in Tokyo’s Bunkyo Ward on Nov. 5 (See photo) to discuss the rights of the people who chose to evacuate from the areas not officially designated by the government. The Japanese government has not compensated the people who evacuated from outside of the 20 km zone. The evacuees by choice, however, have also been forced to live in financial difficulties and separation from families. Their rights to live have been violated. The participants at the rally called the committee to resolve disputes relating to nuclear disaster for resolution at an earlier date. People who are left behind in Fukushima Prefecture are also still suffering. Residents of Iitate and Watari district of Fukushima City also spoke of their troubled situation. (By Masanori Yumoto) See video on YouTube.

今すぐ「自主的避難者」への賠償を!~避難の権利集会 in東京


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