Saturday, November 5, 2011

Stand up for eradicating poverty! Big anti-poverty rally in Tokyo

On October 16, 2011, a big anti-poverty rally was held at Hosei University in central Tokyo. Its theme was “Poverty exposed by the earthquake”. The rally consisted of three parts – a section of messages from disaster victims and disaster-stricken areas, thirteen workshops, and a symposium “What we need to survive”. All the messages were sufferings experienced by those whose relatives were killed by the tsunami, those who have been struggling to raise their children after having been fired from their workplaces, workers who are working at the troubled nuclear power plant with painful feelings, and former fishermen and farmers whose livelihoods were robbed from them. Lively discussions continued at the symposium about what to do next. Finally, all of approximately 600 participants stood up to “eradicate poverty” (photo). (M) Recorded in Ustream/Anti-Poverty TV

貧困なくそう スタンドアップ!~反貧困世直し大集会開かれる

10月16日、反貧困世直し大集会が東京・法政大学で開催された。テーマは「震災があぶり出した貧困」。被災者・被災地からのリレートーク、13の分科会、シンポジウム「生きるために必要なこと」の3つのパートにわけて進められた。リレートークでは、津波で肉親を失った人、仕事がなくなり解雇され3人の子育てで途方にくれている人、原発労働者の苦悩、漁業・農業が奪われた人など、被災地の深刻な実態が生の言葉で語られた。シンポジウムでは、「これからどうしたらいいのか」をめぐって会場を交えてディスカッションが続いた。最後に約600人の参加者全員で「貧困なくそう」のスタンドアップ(写真)をして閉会した。(M) 反貧困TV/ユースト録画

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