Wednesday, November 30, 2011

United with Casual, Foreign, Outsourced Workers

Unions in Aichi Prefecture carried out a joint action on Nov. 1 to confirm solidarity with casual workers and full-timers, foreign residents and Japanese, outsourced workers and outsourcing company workers. About 20 brothers and sisters of Aichi Rentai Union, Sasajima Day Laborers Union, Nagoya Fureai Union, All Toyota Union and ANU conducted a protest action against unfair labor practice at Shirogane Plating Co., which is outsourced by Toyota (see photo). Workers in disputes with Aishin and Denso also spoke at the action. We were glad to see the workers who stand opposite each other came together for this joint action, which continued onto the restaurant Kasumi, Tokyo Academy and Toyota Building. (By Aichi Rentai Union)



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