Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Abuse of dark corporations continue—companies’ excuses for dismissals in November 2011

1. I’m a worker with one-year contract. I’m dispatched to do accounting at a company that has a business contract with its headquarters. I was promised for a lifetime employment (until retirement at 60) but was informed my contract will end in March because the headquarters merged with another company.
2. I’m a casual worker. My contract is renewed every six months and is good for four years. The contract is renewed in December, but my company told me that it will terminate my contract in November due to shrinking business. Is this fair?
3. I don’t have paid holidays, overtime pay or extra pay for working on holidays. My colleague and I demanded the company president to pay us overtime, but the president said the company offers no overtime pay because it’s not a big corporation. He said he was never paid overtime when he was young. When I told him I’ll quit in a month, he told me to quit immediately. Isn’t this unfair dismissal? (NPO labor consultation center)


1、一年毎の有期契約社員。本社と業務委託している会社に派遣され、経理業務をしている。以前から「60歳の定年までの契約は保障する」と約束されていたのに、業務委託している会社が別会社に統合されたとたんに「来年3月で契約解除」と通告された。2、派遣労働者。派遣会社とは6ヵ月毎に契約更新で4年勤続。12月に契約切り替えを迎えるが、派遣会社から11月になって「業務縮小のため契約終了」と言われた。会社のこの理由は正当なのか。3、ブラック企業。有給休暇、残業代、休日出勤割増手当無し。社長に同僚と二人で残業代を請求したら「そんなの無いよ。大企業しかある訳ないじゃん。俺が若い時は休みも無かった」と平然と言うので一ヶ月後の退職を伝えたら、「すぐに辞めろ」と言う。不当解雇ではないか。(NPO法人 労働相談センター)

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